Prince Phillip 2/0 (Variant)

Mark Mercer

Couldn't resist trying another one (not much else to do) This is one I always liked but just never got around to. First one I've tied with a white herl butt instead of black and using Amherst pheasant in the wing with black and blue swan and nothing else. The cerise strip isn't in the recipe but I liked it (that's why it's a variant). Nice hook but needs refinishing but I'm using what I have.
Quite a colorful Pattern !
Prince Phillip  2:0.jpg


CCA, Hatchery Wild Coexist
Very nice. I remember this one from the book Atlantic Salmon Fly’s and Fishing by Joseph Bates. Page 76, top right fly in the full color plate. I like your pink addition. Need to read through this book again. Many very good Fly’s in this book.

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