Reel for 7 & 8 wt?

I'm looking at ordering a reel to split duty between two rods-- an 8 wt Ibis and a 7 wt 9.5ft St. Croix SCIV. I'm way too far away from a fly shop for it to be practical for me to try reels out, and am wondering if a Litespeed 3.5 is going to make the 7 wt. too reel heavy. I'd like the extra backing for doing some Central America salt water fishing this winter. Anyone have any input?

Look into Ross reels and extra spools. I have the Rhythm large arbor for my 8wts (a Sage VPS and a Dorber e-rod4)--great reels, and nicely priced.


Scott Behn

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I myself am a Litespeed owner and I'd say you'd be very happy with it. My LS4 that I have for my 10 wt states it will hold 250 yds backing, I put exactly that amount with my Rio Versitip line and I could of put on at least another 50 yds. I'm going with the LS3 for my 7wt. I'm sure purportions are going to be the similiar.

Litespeed 3 all the way my brother. Your able to load 250 yds 30lb gel spun backing and 90' of 7 or 8 wt flyline. Why go to a 3.5, its just added weight.

The ONLY drawback on the Litespeeds is that they do not use stainless steel bearings! Why I do not know. I spoke to the Lamson rep and they said it would costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to make that wish. Oh well, if they want it to make it that less to perfection! If its money that they are concerned about, well then jack up the prices fifty dollars or so, it would be worth it in my opinion, then the reels could not be touch by ANY manufacturer.

Bauer reels use SS bearings and have comparable prices, why not Lamson?

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