Albacore 2020?


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Ya!!! I was already 20 miles to the south of Westport when I got the throttle hand kept twitching, wanting to punch it west :)
What I'd give to stand back and watch you improvise and re-rig salmon gear for tuna. Looks like you had hoochies on board so that's a reasonable start.

Bob Smith

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Albacore have been caught in good numbers running out of Charleston (Coos Bay), Newport and Garibaldi at around 50-60 nm. I'm going to wait for them to get a little closer.


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FYI, the first PNW bluefin was caught today, with unconfirmed reports of multiple fish. No monster, looks to be at least 20# so not the typical "peanut" from years past. This is almost a full month earlier than last year.

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