NFR Positive Effects of the Current Pandemic

Jim Wallace

Smells like low tide.
I loved that there were fewer tourists coming out here to the coast, and much less traffic on the local highways. With easing restrictions happening, I suppose the crowds will start showing up.

Jim Travers

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No wedding gifts! No obligations to buy. None of this havin' to quickly throw money at that online gift registry via cell phone during the vows. Just buyin' some random crap after a few drinks so it looks like you give a shit. Happens multiple times a year!


I have one that is fishing related.

If anybody has fished the Owyhee River in Eastern Oregon you know that most of the folks that fish there aren't from Oregon - 90% of them are from Idaho - it is just about an hour away from Boise which the population is steadily increasing every year. This time of year alot of the big name rivers in Idaho are still shut down - so the big O just gets pounded - nearly impossible to fish on the weekends. Well since Oregon didn't allow Non-Residents to fish for several weeks - the Owyhee River got a well deserved break. I headed back home that weekend (BTW I am an Oregonian) and had to go see the river for myself, for an opportunity to see the Owyhee on an early May weekend with just a few Oregonians fishing a river that is in Oregon and have my choice of spots to fish. I didn't see anyone else fishing near me the whole morning on the river. Took the time to drive through the canyon and just observe the beauty of the river and the solitude that was in the canyon that day.

Best day I ever had on the the Big O- and the fishing was good too!

Fished that Sunday before Oregon decided to open it up and heard there has been more people on the river the last couple of weeks - as bad as it ever has been :(.

Oh BTW - this post is NOT meant to be a dig on Non-Resident folks fishing Oregon - I can't judge as I fish a lot in Washington and have fished Idaho myself often. It was just a nice sight to behold that I just wanted to share.



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I agree with OP on many points; however, while I don’t have kids, my grave concern is our youth and adolescents and their mental/psychological well-being due to lack of social interaction, in-school education, sports activities, etc. There is a sharp increase in that population, as well as others, of depression, anxiety and suicidal ideation. I see my 92 year old friend and he gives me a hug. Him, “I don’t give a S+, it’s so great to see you. Let’s have a beer.”.

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