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Redington Dually 7130-4. Comes with rod, Echo Ion 8/10 with two spools, a 510gr Airflo Skagit Intermediate with Rio Gripshooter running line and a 7wt Airflo Speydicator line. The Speydicator has ~30 feet of running line cut off the back. The only time this was noticable to me was if I was being incredibly lazy and trying to do some sort of megadrift without mending. There is still about 30 feet of running line as well as the 25' of "mendable running line". This would be a good outfit to try out spey fishing. I'll throw in a 10 foot T14 tip. Add your choice of tippet/bobber and this setup is ready to swing/nymph. 275$ shipped. SOLD

Loop Incite 590-3: Comes with rod, Loop Xact 2-6 reel (Not sure why it's called the 2-6 but it's a normal size for a 5 wt reel, I wouldn't try to use it on a 2 wt), Loop 5 wt floating line, rod tube and sock as well as a case for the reel. The reel has a bit of the logo rubbed off but is otherwise in great condition. It seems like a very well designed reel. If I didn't have multiple spools for a different reel I'd keep this one too. 175$ shipped

8 weight Scientific Anglers Sink 30 Clear. 20 shipped. I bought this hoping it'd be my favorite saltwater salmon line but it was a little stiffer than I'd hoped. Others have used 'em with great success in the NW but I didn't quite mesh with it. SOLD

Rio Skagit Max 550 grain: 20 shipped. Lightly used. A little heavy for the Dually I'm selling so I'm listing this separately.

Rio Skagit Trout Max 200 grain: 20 shipped. Lightly used. This is the 11 ft older version. It would be suitable for a 5 weight. SOLD

8 weight Rio Outbound Short HEAD Intermediate/Clear. 20 shipped. Used once/twice. This is the HEAD only, not a full line. SOLD


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