FS Lightning strike hooks


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I have some extra hooks that I’m packing up slowly and this is the first batch.

Made in Japan waspi lightning strike hooks

(2) 100 packs of size 8 SN3 streamer hooks
(3) 100 packs of size 14 NW3 nymph hooks
(10) 100 packs of size 10 NW3 nymph hooks

One pack of the mustad 9671 streamer hooks in size 10

Looking to get $15 shipped $10 shipped USPS 1st class for each 100 hook pack.

DEEF5B49-0D00-430A-8629-EE0FFE257551.jpeg 6DDC9FD6-79FD-49D5-B032-0B0FA22881B8.jpeg
1100D0D6-DE5E-4D55-A948-54F1ADC4E3C4.jpeg 142919BF-35D3-409B-96B1-BB215BB4F394.jpeg
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Bump for all you guys gearing up to tie this winter ... price reduced. Great for stoneflies and buggers.
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