Some Great Views in NJ


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I just joined up here and I don't know how often I can make it here but I do love your state. If my wife's feet weren't buried in concrete in NJ, I'd get the heck out of here. Even though we don't have anything to compare with WA, we do have a few spots. Here's the Delaware Water Gap, which is one of the nationally recognized smallmouth fisheries. A picture of my Dad's Bamboo rod after he passed. Not rare, probably a mid-range Montague, 4-5 wt with a new reel I added. Didn't change anything except touch up the varnish on it. Lastly a spot in NJ the Ken Lockwood Gorge, one of our special places that the South Branch of the Raritan River flows through. It is a protected area using C&R and barbless hooks. We don't have the variety out West, but we do have native/wild brook trout.


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