FS Winston Pure 9-Foot 4-Weight Fly Rod **Now Sold**

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**Now Sold**
[For sale] is a very lightly used (2 days on the water) Winston Pure 9-foot 4-weight (904) fly rod. The rod is in excellent+ condition, consistent with its limited use. This rod is a superb small and medium freestone stream and tailwater rod, with stable progressive action, pinpoint accuracy and delicate presentation. It is an excellent all-round 4-weight, adept at dry fly, dry/dropper and nymph presentations. The rod comes with its original storage case and rod cloth.

Selling price is $550 which includes free USPS Priority Mail shipping to your door (CONUS). Any questions, please ask; and thanks for looking.

IMG_2273.jpeg IMG_2276.jpeg IMG_2278.jpeg IMG_2277.jpeg IMG_2280.jpeg IMG_2282.jpeg IMG_2288.jpeg
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