Opening Day Report...No Pics


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We fished two areas that are normally open year round. Thanks to Inslee they had an opening day feel rather than the normal crowd. But even with that said the closest we came to anyone was probably 30 feet at the launch for less than 3 minutes...after that it was never less than 50 yards.

We caught several LMB, the largest were a couple of 18" fish that weighed 3lbs.

Fun to be out again..I'm not good enough at Photoshop to remove sensitive background to post the pictures. I'm out of fishing shoulder is sore this morning!

BTW I think every one used their Coronavirus check to buy a kayak..the kayak hatch was in full force!

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Why do you need pics. We all know what fish look like. So just spread around a few lies. But we all know fly fishers never lie about fish.:rolleyes::rolleyes:


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We thought they were a little thin I'm pretty sure a couple of shorter fish my son caught weighed more...I only fished two flies: a salt water popper I bought and a worm fly that is tied whacky. I caught my fish on the popper, it was a beast to cast on my 8 wt, but worked great.

We fished 2 lakes that were lined with reeds. We saw many fish with fins out of the water but we could not catch those fish, all of our fish were caught casting blind over weeds away from the edges.

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