What bug is this?


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The only thing I would add to zen leecher's comment is that I believe both images to be of adult lifestage beetles, although of different different beetle families.


First one looks like a click beetle.

Second looks to be some sort of ground beetle.


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I'd say click beetle of some sort.
I was seeing them on the lake surface.


Doing more research, I'm changing my answer to both of them being different types of 'long-toed water beetles'. I was watching videos on the click beetles, and they seem to be much larger than the ones in the photo. The first very much looks like a Dryops.

The long-toed water beetles mostly float on the water and feed on aquatic insects.


The top photo is likely of a Metallic Wood Boring Beetle of the family Buprestidae and the bottom photo is likely a Long Horn Beetle, family Chrysomelidae. I Have never heard of Buprestidae emerging from a lake but they are not the best fliers so they could be blown into the water.

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I believe the top beetle to be a Lined Click Beetle as Taxon guessed.

The bottom one is probably the one you came up with, a Long Horn Beetle, family Chrysomelidae.

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