Lower Yakama bass


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Was just looking at flow graphs for current and best guess predictions for the next ten days.
The Lower Yakama River is ideal now with a substantial rise in the forecast.
It's totally conceivable it will not drop post rise to favorable fly fishing shape for some weeks, possibly post spawn.
I'd bet your last dollar plenty of fish have moved up out of the Columbia at this point. The full moon should increase activity and compel plenty of fish to move to the next phase of spawning.
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 7.32.40 PM.png

People ask about this smallmouth fishery so I thought I throw it out there because it can go weeks some years unfishable. If you catch it right over the next month with the bigger spawners present it can be darn exciting.


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I just mentioned this to BDD the other day as I got excited when I saw the graph. However, he saw the problem that I missed - how to safely do a shuttle while social distancing during a pandemic.


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We went to look on the lower Walla Walla yesterday. 54deg water at 10:30 and 750 cfs. A bit high, fast and cold yet. We didn't land any, and they guys we saw throwing hardware only had a handful between them. Still a bit early over here too in the little rivers.


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The flows have nearly doubled since Saturday and the water temperature has dropped 8 degrees. The few days of good fishing are over for a while.

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