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Ads. If you would prefer your experience on WFF to be free of ads, you can choose to directly support the site instead. Upgraded accounts are not shown ads and get sexy "site supporter" banners! The easiest method of direct support is via PayPal, which can be setup in the section Account Upgrades. If you don't use PayPal, send me a message offline.

General Rules
  • One account, please. Sockpuppet accounts will be addressed.
  • Respect the moderators.
  • Fishing related politics or no politics at all.
  • If someone is out of line, report the post. We'll see it.
  • It's a discussion forum. If your approach throws off others desire to participate we'll all lose the privilege of your company.
Classifieds Rules (Business and Regular Members)
  • No cost but if your business usage can justify it please upgrade your account to support the site. Your account will display a banner indicating that your a site supporter, and you will not see site advertising.
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Chris Scoones

North Bend, WA
WFF Premium
Hi all,

As I'm sure you've seen I've been reintroducing ads back onto WFF. We've had a nice run without ads or sponsors, electing to support open business usage this past year.

I'm still directional on that approach as I'd like WFF to support the fly fishing industry without cutting into their margins. The approach is intended to support small businesses and to cultivate hobby businesses. Hobby businesses that come to mind as examples that historically I wanted to support... @silvercreek with his "Tack Free, Fast Cure, Crystal UV Cure Resin", @MacRowdy and his fly wallets, Jim Wheeler at Spring Creek Prams... Any number of guides, tiers and gear craftsmen working their talented side hustles, or mags that were beginning to make their mark.

Same goes for the shops that were our sponsors for years. @Anil at Puget Sound Fly Co, Michael at Pacific Fly Fishers, Jimmy LeMert (now Pete Lemman) at Patrick's Fly Shop, @miyawaki at Bellevue Orvis, @Steve J. at Red's Fly Shop along with others. Good peeps, great shops. I'd rather they had usage of WFF's classifieds as needed, but historically that wasn't often enough to justify pushing for their advertising dollars.

So, recently the feds screwed my business over and but good (patent oriented, not taxes), so presently I need the site to cover its own bills. In another discussion regarding the ads, the want for another option (direct support) was brought up. With that...

If it's within your budget, your direct support includes a sexy WFF Supporter banner and no ads displayed to your account. There are other benefits added and in the works.

Account upgrade payment options:
  • Automated monthly PayPal subscription. Account Upgrades
  • Send a check of any amount that covers 1 year that fits your budget. Check to WFF, please indicate your WFF User ID name, address 45919 SE 150th ST, North Bend, WA 98045.
Thank you all very much. The support is greatly appreciated.

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Nick Clayton

WFF Premium
100% on board with this. Glad to throw a few bucks at this site that has given me so much.

The sappy truth is that this forum has added so many great people, friendships, entertainment, customers, and knowledge to my life. 20 bucks a month is nothing compared to what this forum has provided me.
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