Line advice - Sage II Smallmouth rod

Brian White

Recovering Bugmeister
For the past ~5 years I have been fishing a Sage II Smallmouth rod as my all purpose warm water rod. Rod came with a Sage Smallmouth bass line that was specifically made for the rod.

Maybe not surprising given that they created the line for the rod, but IMO the line mates to that rod really well.

Lines don’t last forever and this one is on its last legs. It looks like Sage has stopped selling the lines as a stand-alone, but Rio (owned by Sage) does have a Smallmouth Bass line. Does anyone know whether that is a repackaged version of the same Sage line? If so, would the 8wt line be the equivalent? More generally, looking for advice on line pairings for the rod. I have thrown some of my other 8wt and 7 wt lines with it (including the Rio big/nasty, a couple Orvis lines, a steamer tip, etc) and they feel OK, but not.....quite.....perfect. Advice?
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