Gig Harbor report

Arrived at my favorite beach today at 2:00. The tide was starting to roll in from a -3 low.
The area I fish has a pretty good current,and is loaded with res.coho.
I watched from the beach for about 2 minutes before spotting a good rise. I proceeded to cast a baitfish pattern, and no sooner did it hit the water then a large swirl overtook it!
I had him on for about 3 seconds before I realized I did not set the hook.
3 or 4 casts later I had a great follow up. The fish followed the fly almost to my feet before swimming away.
These are all big resident silvers in the 25" to 30" range, and feed on shrimp in this particular spot.
They have increased in size quite a bit since march when I first started fishing this particular beach, and I am fairly sure this is the same bunch.
Anyways... I hooked 2 more in the next hour or so, and had acouple good yanks, then it seemed to slow down quite a bit, so I wandered down about 100 yards to where it was really rocky to see if I could scare up some SRC's.
Sure enough they were into some sport!
I caught 3 cutties in the 18 to 20 inch range with the same baitfish pattern.
The tide was too high to fish anymore without being stranded so I had to leave, but I will be back! :D

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