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what is a half and half clouser? chris bellows of neah bay said this thing is a good fly to use and i can not figure out what it is . we are booked with him in august and it is one of the good flies that will nail the fish. thanks. mike w
The same fly will go by different names in different places, but my introduction to the Half and Half was out on the East Coast several years ago. It was basically half Clouser, half Deceiver. Which half of the fly that dominates depends on the tyer. The ones I saw looked more like deceiver than Clouser, the ones in this picture look more Clouser than deceiver, which is how I'd tie it myself. I've seen them tied with the hackle (deceiver portion) tied on the outside of the fly, and then also placed inside the bucktail as on this one. Basically it's a heavily tied Clouser with hackle added, or it's a deceiver that rides hook point up with dumbbell eyes and a lot of bucktail. However you want to look at it.

And as an aside, I like to use yak hair for bigger flies. I don't see alot of guys talking about it, but man, it's cool stuff, and it'd work well on Neah Bay sized flies.



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Kodiak, nice fly. I am working on some Clouser Half and Halfs for an upcoming trip to Neah Bay and a September trip to Tofino. I agree that Yak Hair is awesome and I am using it in more of my salt water patterns. Thanks for sharing your version. It is inspiring me to get busy.

Good fishing, Steve


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sean said:
The half n half is like kodiaksalmon's example. Chris' pattern is a flash tail clouser , not a half'n'half.

Got it, my mistake. I mistakenly thought that since his fly was 1/2 chartruese and 1/2 white it was a 1/2 & 1/2 clouser. My mistake. Whatever the name, that chartreuse & white & flash & bead head clouser-type fly is a basic fly style and color combination that works great out at Neah. Suffice it to say that it is from Chris's web site.

In any case, the true half 'n half posted by Kodiac above probably would work a bit better for salmon out at neah if tied a little more sparse and if you substituted chartreuse for the orange.



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