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Well, now that we're back on the bench I started with another blue spey.

Hook= Alec Jackson BE spey

rear body= blue mylar and small flat silver tinsel, intertwined to refract light

Front body= black dubbing, medium flat oval hackled with peahen.

Collar= dark green dyed heron or blue ear pheasant

cheeks= kingfisher

wing= blue dyed bronze mallard :cool:


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Going to have to ask Davy as to how many drinks it took to tie it. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: . I notice that was one thing that he didn't add to this one :rofl: :rofl:



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two PK's and three "beverages", I am supposed to post a picture too???? :confused: ,LOL, oooooops, heres your sign.......... or picture anyway, I will try to dress something today, but I had a terrible night, with zip for sleep. :hmmm: