Snake River Bass Report


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We did all the spring preparations and took the boat out for it's inaugural run of the spring on the Snake around Charboneau Park this morning. Water was 53 degrees everywhere. I found some perch and small bass but unfortunately the captain couldn't find any today. Didn't find any deep or shallow, all were around the weedline at 12' near deeper water. I let him go today, but we spent too much time fishing the summer feeding spots instead of where we should have been focused now. It's still a bit early, we could really use about 5 or so more degrees. Loved my new 8wt IMX-pro, really easy to move a big fly. The Allen 3 is way more reel than I'll ever need so I'll probably list it soon, I have a clearwater cassette comming. Waters comming up a degree a day so a week or two will be much better. The lot was empty all day and the potties locked.




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