Browns in Crab Creek?

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I know that there is a decent population of red band trout in this creek, and I'm gonna be in the area fishing it here pretty soon. I heard of browns being in this stream but I'm not sure. Does anyone have any answers?


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I'm surprised the hotspotting cop from Spokane hasn't chimed in already. Maybe the heaps of gentlemanly sarcasm suffice? Certainly an interesting subject, old Crab Crick.

No one has mentioned another species that frequents Crab Creek: Ptychocheilus oregonensis. Northern Pikeminnow can be found in stretches of the stream, I found them more common to my fly presentations than any trout. Where the creek merges with Moses Lake you might also find what Mike suggests - carp (not to mention a few other species such as: "secret" can't say).

The Bureau of Land Management supplements flow into lower Crab Creek this time of year as part of what I believe is a groundwater recharge effort.

To answer the OP's original question: I don't know if there are brown trout in Crab Creek (anymore).

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