2004 Stonefly Swap

steve s

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Was cleaning out a few things last weekend and came across this sheet of flies tied for a stonefly swap back in 2004 on this site. This was a great swap and am still amazed at some of the flies. Preston's Skwala pattern, to me, was the standout of the group. I tied the giant salmonfly. Had recently moved back to Seattle from spending a year living on the Rogue and was lucky enough to hit the salmonfly hatch on the upper Rogue. Went back a few times for that hatch but was never able to time it right. Not sure how many of these tiers are still active on the site. If I remember correctly, Kent was known as Fortuna back then. I'm sure that I still have the flies somewhere, just not sure where they might be. Thought that some might enjoy seeing the flies.



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    2004 Stonefly Swap Closeup.jpg
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    2004 Stonefly Swap.jpg
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