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Hey folks

Since I moved here, I've spent all my time on the south fork, Cedar and Cle Elum. I'm hoping to explore the middle fork and possibly the north fork this year, but have some questions.

I've noticed the north fork doesn't get much attention. Is there a reason for that? Are there any areas of the river that I should avoid?

I've also noticed a lot of issues with the middle fork, regarding illegal dumping and shady folks. What are the best areas to fish, to stay away from all that? Does it get better or worse the higher up river you go? I was thinking of parking at the middle fork trailhead and walking some distance up the trail, to avoid the pressured areas and get away from the road. Is this a sound plan?


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There are a lot of threads concerning the topics you mention, use the search function to find years and years of knowledge in old threads.



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Cant offer any advice but if you ever want company (from 6ft away) to help deter hobo attacks, let me know. Planning on exploring this stream this season as its pretty close to the city.

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The bulk of the North Fork Snoqualmie is in private timber lands and requires a permit to gain access.

You can gain some access up towards the top. Up where a few small streams come together. Get yourself a Mount Baker National forest map and study it. Stay out of Sunday Creek as it is closed waters.


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I'm curious about the Hancock access passes, but their website doesn't have anything in that area on the map. Does that mean they are all sold out, or am I looking in the wrong place?


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There was a massive landslide that blocked the middle fork road for a long time, preventing access to the middle fork trailhead. Check it's status with the DNR or USFS. there is mixed ownership of land through that corridor and the gears of government grind cold and slow. Not sure it's been cleaned up yet


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Middle Fork Road is now open. I was there last week. Flows are really high. There was a recent slide approx 9 miles up the road but it is cleared.

Happy to join you if you want. Socially distant.
5 month response time from the Fed! That must be a new record! So fast!

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