Bees are back

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
I brought mason bees 16 miles west when I moved here to Vancouver, I had 6,00 I am guessing in Hazel dell originally...moved to camas and had hundreds theree. A year ago I brought some bee condos I made and now have a coup,e hundred. They will multiply.and pollination should be great. Perhaps more cross pollination in the future and I will get more weird crosses of heirloomntomatoes which by and large are quite interesting. Two of those crosses are in F4-7 now and quite exclusively mine. I love bees.


Mark Steudel
Awesome! It's sorta a spring ritual for me to keep an eye out for when the bees hit our lavender out front. Some years if the weather lines up, there are tons of flowers for the bees to get, other years the bad weather makes the flowers fall off or the bees come late.

Jim Ficklin

Genuine Montana Fossil
The Honey Bees were on my Lavender pretty thick last week. Last time I visited my Doctor, the bushes out front were thick with Bumble Bees - the most Bumble Bees I've seen in a long while.


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Early this spring i decided that the bird house could use a little spring cleaning inside. I was standing on a ladder just inches from the opening and out flew several bumble bees who are now this years occupants. They have been great tennants and provided great service in my blueberry and raspberry patches.


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There are a lot of varied bumble bees and other native pollinators on my blooming plants this Spring. The raspberry plants are a buzz. Each plant seems to have it's own type of bee. Rarely do I see a honeybee anymore.

Rock Creek Fan

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I have 8 or 9 large rhodies in the yard. In the past couple of weeks the sound of buzzing bees around these plants as they reach full bloom is easily the dominant sound. Hundreds of them. Mostly native bumblebee brush bombers.
The large rhodies in the back of this pic are covered with bees.

Every year the bees come back and love these particular rhodies. You are right - buzzing sound is magnificent and LOUD. Their nest is on my neighbors property. There is a runway/thoroughfare between the rhodies and my neighbors property buzzing just as loud the whole distance.

Skip Enge

Uck Uck Uck, bitches
I mentioned moving my bees,,,I lost most because of the timing of my move... I used to have 40 condos. as in bored wood houses for them,,,I figured at my peak w=I had about 8000 bees...boy do they multiply and other local Osmia seem to fibnd the 5/16 holes just right for a sleeping place...

Mason Bees.jpg

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