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Just picked up a 10' 3wt Echo Shadow X and absolutely love it. Currently setup with a SA Euro Nymph Shorty attached to WF-4 SA Mastery Trout line. I purchased an Orvis Hydros 3 reel with the rod. While securing the reel to the reel seat for the first time, I noticed the reel was loose and I could not fully tighten it. Took the setup back to my local shop and they told me the reel foot seemed to be skinnier than normal and every other reel in the shop fit the rod. They ended up upgrading me to the Hydros 4 reel free of charge. I am wondering if this reel is too big for a euro nymph setup? Should I wait for a new Hydros 3 reel or go with the Hydros 4?

Appreciate the advice, and tight lines!

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