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David Loy

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Jack man here. I like scotch too, but have simple tastes. Many years back I spent significant time on a “world scotch tour” while staying here at home. I tried several bottles of popular expensive whiskeys and found out two things:
There is no such thing as a “wee dram” in my house. And that I’m an equal opportunity cheap date.
So, I move around some, Jameson’s, Maker’s, Old Grand Dad, but Jack and I are good friends. Expensive cigars are lost on me too.

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I always seem to just drink Jim Beam. I have a fifth now but it isn't going down. I find that it is no fun to drink alone. I had a fifth of Elijah Craig and I managed to drink that by myself. But it was good booze.

I have sworn off any whiskey made in Canada. I drank a half a pint of CC and when I woke up from that episode I thought I was blind. I was hungover for 2 days. After that affair I haven't drank any whiskey made north of the border.

But I have drank Kesslers, Hill and Hill, Four Roses, Old Crow. EverClear. Now Everclear is very potent booze. Went to a party and had a pint of it and there was a young lady there that said she could drink anything and not be bothered by it. Well being me I gave her a cap full. I she shot gunned it. She got bleary eyed and started choking on that cap full. I couldn't help myself but I was damn near on the floor from laughing so hard.


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the options at costco aren't many but they're good, and the value is ridiculous. makers for bourbon, bulleit for rye. my wife got the buffalo trace last time too and it was nice. we are pretty new to whiskey and enjoying the learning curve. so far the makers seems a cut above, esp. for smoothness. but bourbon in general is a bit sweet and i think i prefer the dryness of the ryes and scotches i've had. so far. i like these threads for getting the glengary leads on what to try next.

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