South Prairie Creek Regulations ?


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Hi - Was wondering if anyone had noticed this or had an explanation....I was re-reading the regs to confirm that South Prairie Creek is still closed waters (and it is) but noticed that the description read “from mouth to the City of Buckley Diversion dam”:

To my knowledge, confirmed after reviewing a map, South Prairie creek does not emanate from the Buckley Diversion dam on the White river, not even close. South Prairie Creek winds up into the foothills above Wilkeson / Carbanado up towards Pitcher and Bearhead Mountain, at some point splitting into South and East forks.

I checked the “errors” addendum to the regs and didn’t see anything there clarifying it. I know it's closed down low to protect spawning anadromous fish, but are the upper reaches in the foothills possibly open? Or should be?

I emailed the question to WDFW and will see if they respond. But thought someone here might know more.

thanks, andy


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Thanks Sue - I guess I need to look at the map again. I sure didn't see a diversion dam on SP creek but will look again. The only one I'm aware of is on the White river, which is what that first paragraph is referencing.

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