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As promised, once I got back to some decent internet I would post more fish porn. Scott and I braved the wilds of the Okanogan in pursuit of several different types of trout and were not disappointed. We left the ranch the first morning in search of cutthroat and found a few willing players. The usual haunt started producing some nice ones in the 16-18 inch range. Here's two examples...



Weather was coming in from the east and we headed back to the take out...into the wind. It was not a fun ride back...

The next day we headed out after Rainbows with a chance of Browns. After a great start of wild jumping fish the bite fell off and takes few and far between. I had one unbutton close to the WM that I'm fairly sure was a Brown...we'll never know. Scott settled into watching bobbers and I headed to a spot that has done well in the past. Soon I was into some feisty ones that put a nice bend in the 5wt. I texted Scott and he headed over to see what was going on. Soon he was into some fish also. At one point I could see them cruising the bottom in about 10-12 feet of water. They were snubbing everything I would try, even a juicy balanced leech. I asked Scott for a chironomid to see if I could do a naked vertical presentation. After a few snubs, one smacked it and I soon had it in the net. It was a gas watching it hit that bug. Here's shots from that day.


View attachment PYNB1016.mp4

The following day we were going to hit a Brookie lake but the gate was locked due to C19. There are a few other lakes around so we headed for an old favorite. It turns out that WDFW has put some Tiger Trout in there and at least one of the several we caught has some spunk and shoulders on it. Portrait below...


On our way home we hit the Chesaw Tavern for takeout. It's always been a favorite treat to stop for beers and burgers after fishing. We dined under a covered area across the street from the tavern. With a full belly a nap was in order when we got back to the house.


It was great to spend some time on the water with my good friend, not to mention the beer, whiskey, and card games we shared. Looking forward to more of the same in the months to come. Hopefully we can have a righteous Fall Fling with all the usual suspects.

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