Gear stolen in Sultan 5/23/2020


My buddy’s window was smashed while he was parked at the access spot by the Mann rd bridge in Sultan. Please keep an eye out for:

loop q fly reel 7/9
Lamson guru 2 7/8/9
Lamson liquid 5/6/7
Redington Vice 6wt green
Redington dually 126-4 purple
Okuma SST carbon spinning rod
Abu Garcia revoX spinning reel
Mardingtop khaki backpack
Jetboil flash with lid that doesnt stay on
A bottle of lemon lime gatorade
And a ton of shitty flies


Greg Armstrong

Active Member
WFF Supporter
That stinks. It’s happened to a lot of us Including me. It’s not a good feeling, let alone losing all that gear.
Hope he’s lucky and gets some of it back.

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