for our low water days..... Trism


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Thinking of the low water and spooky steelhead you all are dealing with this summer....another of my all feather patterns ..a variation of McNeese' Redwing. This is a #9 Salar double CS14 Hook. I call the fly Trism and should be fished cast across and stripped but with a jerky motion imparted to simulate a junior crayfish. :thumb:

Hook ; size 5 thru 11, single or double

Tail; golden pheasant crest

Body; all feathers worked forward stacked. In this size I use 3 bunches working forward in the round. The lower 2/3 of which are natural mallard breast with the top row down the middle being golden pheasant breast(red).

Sides; oversize jungle fowl

Wing, 3 or 4 small golden pheasant breast feathers layed over and around somewhat veiling the sides.

Topping: 2 or 3 golden pheasant crest feathers. :cool: