FS Ross Gunnison 5/6; Solitude 2 Fly reels


Ross Gunnison 5/6. Latest version. Excellent condion +. Only a few outings. Includes an Rio Gold IT wf5f line thatbis in very good condition but has been used. Factory loop removed from tip and replaced with nail- knotted mono loop of 30#. Also 75 yds of red SA 20# dacron backing left hand wound. Incl. box, pouch, and sticker. SOLD



Solitude 2 made in USA by EDCO of Mount Vernon, Wa. Those who know, know how fine and smooth these reels are! When I purchased directly from Matt at Edco about 2 yrs ago, he said this was the last SR2 in Type 3 Black anodize he had in stock and most likely the last one of it’s kind ever to be produced. Used very little and in mint condition less one tiny ding; pin point sized on outer reel edge. No box or pouch was included when I received the reel from Edco. Will include a nice Fishpond protective case. Approx 100 yards of white 20# SA dacron backing wound Left Hand. $200





NOTE: All prices include US Postal Priority shipping in CONUS. Paypal preferred. Will answer PM’s on this board in order received. Thank you!

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