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Agree! What a sighting.

I am 95% sure I saw a fisher a couple weeks back. Just west of Lake Crescent at about 2AM running across the road. Definitely not a raccoon - looked like a giant black weasel so one of the reintroduced fishers is my guess.


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This made the rounds before, then they stabilized the images, so extra amazing now. I would be swearing if I was shooting this clip, so they'd have to add some WiIld Kingdom music or narrative from Marlin Perkins.
Love the marmots..and/or maybe Pikas, giving the alarm calls

I saw what I thought was a wolverine high on the Blue glacier on Mt. Olympus About 20 years ago, but I was told that there were no wolverines in the Olympics. I had a clear view, but it was far enough away and out on the glacier, so scale was difficult to determine. The only alternative was a small bear, but I’ve seen lots of bears and this animal didn’t move like a bear. Watching the video posted by gyrfalcon, and hearing about these sightings on the Olympic peninsula, makes me wonder if I had seen a wolverine after all.

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Smells like low tide.
A fellow hiker and myself spotted a woverine running across some snowpack in the pass above Upper Lyman Lake in the N Cascades. That was back in the Summer of 1966. We were camped down on the shore of Lyman Lake with a larger group, and we took a day hike out of our base camp. We had ice axes, but no crampons, but we made it to the summit of the pass, and were looking across the snow field into the beyond, when we spotted it running. I had already shot the last frame on my roll of film, and couldn't get a photo. I hadn't packed along enough film, anyway, and the roll in my camera was all I had with me for the day.


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This popped up in my news feed.
It would be pretty cool to see one on a ocean beach.

What a terrific story and more, what a unlikely sighting - the woman should have bought a lottery ticket. I consider it a great year to be able to see a badger but a wolverine on the beach chowing down? WOW!


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