Fishing from a boat in the sound.


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I've only had my boat out once so far but I mimicked what Nick does after watching him work his boat and that seems to work good as long as the wind isn't also blowing 20 knots in which case I just spin in circles. Would love to add a GPS trolling motor down the road though.


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Everyone covered it pretty well, but if I was going to buy and setup a boat for SRC/near shore salmon I would for sure be looking to add a bow mounted GPS trolling motor with anchor function. Especially when fishing alone!

The low tech version: years ago I went to a presentation about this at Puget Sound Fly Co with a couple members on here showing their setups. They both used bow mounted anchors with quick cleats they could operate from their driving position allowing for a quick anchor as warranted. Both primarily solo fishers.

The BEST method is to fish with one of the fine guides on here and let them position the boat while you fish from the bow. ;)
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