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Yes, and thank you. My position for the last 20 years is that the institutional racism in America is from the Left. The policies of the left have perpetuated and magnified the racial inequities, by design. We need look no further than LBJ’s comments on the issue, but we can go back to Woodrow Wilson if need be.
Mark, let me see if I understand you here. It seems like you're inferring that if we had 20 years of all state and federal political offices filled and held by Trump clones, about as non-left as one can get, then institutional racism in America would all but disappear. Is that a correct inference?
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All in all, a very fine shit storm that points out the divide in which we are in. I do observe that more shit does not seem to be creating much progress with the divide.
For many and the powers that be division is the goal and they've made incredible progress. How progressive.


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A quite eloquent point of view from a parishioner of St John's Episcopal where Trump and his lackeys went for their photo op.

"On Monday, a man who traditionally worships on Sundays at the Chapel of the 3-Iron tried to use our church, St. John’s Episcopal Church, as a backdrop. Like a character right out of “Elmer Gantry,” he and a gaggle of flinty-eyed carnival barkers ventured from the White House with the sole intent of using St. John’s location as a midway — prime real estate for selling snake oil bottled as salve on TV.
But when the smoke had cleared from the scene (literally), the chosen “set” proved stronger than any lines uttered by a bad actor. Again, an empty vessel of a man had misjudged the power of a community of faith. The whole episode now reads like a disturbing parable, the likes of which are found in the Bible he waved as a prop."


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no, when I’m wrong I’m more than willing to admit it...convince me...
I think my post speaks for itself. You were defending a group of people, walking around armed, displaying confederate flags and other types of far right, white supremacists type symbolism during protests over racial injustice. I am not saying everyone there represented those views but some clearly did. It’s clear I tend to lean left (probably not as far as you think though). You will not see me defending the beliefs or methods of those on the far left fringes. You’ll see quite the opposite from me. What are your thought on the fringe characters on the far right? If your answer is, I do not like what they stand for....then you were wrong in defending some of the characters in Snohomish the other night. That was the point I was trying to make.

I also saw a post from you saying you are going to stop posting on “controversial” topics or something along those lines. Hope that is not the case. I have been posting here awhile and enjoy what you bring to many topics. You and I have butted heads a few times on here over the years on certain topics but who cares, it’s the internet. My guess is if we went fishing together, our discussions might be just as intense but with quite a different tone. We might actually act like adults to each other.


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I’m an effort to heal the divide whitey gets Malcolm X tattoo. Only to learn it is Denzel playing Malcolm.

nice work whitey. i like that the tat right next to it appears to be a stick figure shooting something with a gun.


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Nick, why do we need to discuss Loyds death? It’s being handled. The one cop is charged with his murder. The other three idiots are fired and facing charges too. Shit happens every day somewhere in the US. Are we going to protest every injustice? Are the whackjobs gonna burn every city to the ground with no repercussions? Read MLK’s comments on race. The answer is to love one another, not divide by color.
. If things were being handled, we would not have police with such utter disregard for human life, and the murder would never have happened, and other police would not have passively stood by.

The pattern of disregard for life has not been handled.

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I am prefacing this comment with the police were wrong and are going to be prosecuted and that is good.
But to point a finger and broad brush all cops as bad is a grievous statement. Think of how many interactions across the country law enforcement have in one day. A few go sideways but not all are the fault of law enforcement.
Mr. Floyd put himself in the situation by breaking a law. We haven't been shown the video of him resisting. Mr. Floyd had meth and fentanyl in his system as revealed by the coronors report. Did he make some poor judgements that contributed to the horrific outcome?
As to disregard for human life by police I think one needs to look at that through the eyes of a cop and what he sees in the senseless shootings and gang banger activity on a daily basis, most of this is black on black and the black community turns their backs on it as the neighborhoods they live in have become war zones in some cities.
Yes 3 cops screwed up but by far and away most cops are good people trying to protect their community from harm.



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Are we going to protest every injustice?
Are we to remain silent, carry on as if an injustice to one isn't an injustice to all ?
Seems clear the current manner of addressing things isn't working all that well, yet it continues.
You repeatedly asked folks on various threads what they did to protect others, seems fair that you answer that question yourself...unless of course you'd rather not.

Which of course is fine, you don't have to answer, but when then asking why it is necessary to discuss the death of George Floyd, your question implies you really don't see it as a big deal, or something that has implications far beyond the lost life of one man.
Should that be the case, it's reasonable to see your view as part of the problem, and not part of the solution
In this country, regardless of the egregious nature of the crimes, their frequency or the lack of justice for the victims, it's never the ' right time' to address or discuss the repeated actions of police while they continue to take the lives of black males. There's always a reason why it's 'not the right time', or not the ' proper venue'.
Of course, it's typically white people who opine on the timing and venues questions, without ever suggesting an alternative venue, or alternative time for that discussion

Probably long past time that changed...

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What do you have to say about black kids killing Tuba man and getting a slap on the hand and then killing someone else upon release. Or the black guy that killed a King County cop on a pullover and he had multiple convictions. or the white father in Rainier Valley that got killed in black gang cross fire.
The white community in none of these instances burnt down part of town.
Are you saying it is OK for blacks to be prejudice, because a part of that community is definitely prejudice and unwilling to change. Thank-you Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton and a bunch of bleeding heart liberals.
There is prejudice on both sides of white and black and both sides need to remove it or at the least learn to tolerate. It is not just a white problem it includes blacks as well as they too have to let go of some things from the past and even the present as do whites.

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No Quillbilly that is not what you said.
It is all white folks and no mutual blame is what you said, or should I say inferred.
I don't share your white guilt so don't pass it on to me. My grandparents came to this country in the late 1890's as indentured servants so go blow about black whatever.
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