NFR Racism Today - A Different Prospective (Possibly)


Big Time Hater
Funny, Faux never shows an infographic showing the stock market reaction following deranged white youth, armed to the teeth, killing innocent people...

How did the market do after Oklahoma City, Columbine, Las Vegas, Newton, Pittsburgh, Charleston? Now that will some provide some context.

Someone at Fox had to think of the idea for this infographic
Someone had to research the data for the graphic
Someone had to create the graphic
Someone had to spellcheck the graphic
Someone had to write the script introducing the graphic
Someone had to proofread the script introducing the graphic

And Fox Business News “Standards & Practices” person, the internal censor, had to okay it.

Nowhere along the line did anybody at Fox step in and say " ya know, maybe this isn't a good idea"....sort of like their 'birther' campaign from a while back, nobody at Faux News thought that was a bad idea either.

I'm sure it's coincidental...

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