So.... How about that fishing?

Jamie Wilson

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Trolling with a full floater, lake, often 3’ behind a soft hackle. Often you can see the take
Edit the leech was a 14
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Thought I'd try the Phillipson with its new old Hardy Marquis at Lenore. No trout love but fun to be out. The reel might be tad big for the rod but I think they're going to be the pairing I use.

I wonder what's happening with this lake? Really strong winds last night and it seems the wind may have stirred up rotting vegetation from the shallow bottom. Lots of floating mats of rotting plant matter. Next there will be big mats of this crap floating up and down lake. Just about the time the damselfly nymphs are migrating and the trout follow them in (or used to or I just missed it or......isn't that why they call it fishing)?

Carp tomorrow.


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Kinda wish I was doing 20, but meeting a long time fishing partner and doing the
..5-16-3-104-101, or something like that! Usually do ferry but not this time.

Good luck sportsman and have a blast!!!


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I have fished a lot since the reopening but not a lot to share report wise.....besides the fact that I have thoroughly enjoyed myself and feel somewhat whole again ;).

I have concentrated mostly on the north Sound, Kitsap side. Lots and lots, and lots, of small cutts, similar to these.



Salmon will be here soon enough. Also working on a MT trip if I can get the timing right with work and other stuff going on.

Just happy I have fishing to look forward to again on my free time.

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