So.... How about that fishing?


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Been having zero luck off the bank at Skagit Cascade confluence. Watched kings get brought in almost every eveing though by the boaters. Heard that bulltrout were getting butchered with earthworms under the bridge at wagonwheel campground. E54AD5B4-CB1D-4B0A-BD0B-F9A481771E7F.jpeg


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Our local reservoir has been producing but they seem to be getting finicky and lock jawed. Went through several files before finding they wanted the Higa's SOS 18" below the float. Once the sun hits the water and the Osprey come out the fish go deep, and the green caddis pupa 10' deep did the trick. Love the indicator, so much flexibility.

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I fished a little blue line less than 20 mins. from home Wednesday afternoon.
I caught and released one small cutty.
I did have a couple bites and saw one that could have been 10".
I'm still learning about my new to me home waters.
The best part of that short fishing trip was there were no human tracks along the creek banks. Perfect

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