So.... How about that fishing?


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Skunked on the small skinny water. So you get pictures of water and trees and rocks. Oh! And a handsome bear.
Nice job, we hit some new (stretch of) skinny water too, bunch of 6-10", not like the upper river, no bear but did have bear tracks, and one frog. The lower back and legs were hurting a bit from all the switchback wading. Thanks for sharing :)

Brian Miller

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Been out a few times on small streams with my T-rods Tenkara Ninja Emoji 2.jpg . A couple were fairly open.
2020 05 07_1032.JPG
2020 05 07_1034.JPG
2020 05 07_1035.JPG
2020 05 07_1039.JPG
One trip was a 4 mile hike in/wade/hike out, where I encountered deer, a frollicking River Otter, a swimming Garter Snake, a Giant Pacific Salamander, and a bunch of small native Coastal Cutts.
2020 05 28_1042.JPG
2020 05 28_1050.JPG
2020 05 28_1047.JPG 2020 05 28_1052.JPG
2020 05 28_1053.JPG
I bushwhacked along this often tiny "jungle" stream with golden-eyegrass Iris over my head.
2020 06 01_1058.JPG 20200601_121814.jpg
2020 06 01_1055.JPG
2020 06 01_1056.JPG
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Randall Clark

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Goin' musky fishin' this weekend....I'll make sure to report all of the follows and no eats!
aaaaaand that's what happened. At least it's predictable! I ended up with 5 follows, no eats, but one should have was nosing the fly all of the way to the boat....couldn't bring it back. I covered a ton of water (for me in my Commander). Ah well, tomorrow is a new day...

God Damn, it felt good be back out there!


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Went out to the creek by the house, renewed some acquaintances and delivered homemade preserves as access payment for the summer. Drew out two nice fish between several smolts, but lost both. Nice to see all the rehabilitation work paying off. There was a light color mayfly hatch but nymph, wet and dry went untouched. It was a little fur ant that got all the love.

Dave Boyle

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As my birthday treat I spent the last two days out, no pics it’s all fantasy. On the lakes forum I posted about being a dirty assed snagger and I loved it....Caught some husky ~20” troots though but plagued with bad luck re hooks bending, leaders snapping, anchor rope wrapping, size 18s and today even with my Iracators, many takes were beyond subtle for my slothesque reactions and no I don’t bake :)

The bobber dipped half an inch if that, it was flat calm so legit observations. A tickle not a take so to speak.


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