Reel Seat Corrosion


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I recently was given a 1990's Sage GFL 279 LLB rod that has never been fished and in storage since new.The metal reel seat parts have a slight off color or corrosion. Can the metal surface be rejuvenated?


Steve Cole - Nisqually and Adjacent Environs
Depends on the seat's metal, I think. Older nickel silver will tarnish with age and there are ways to address that. If the seat is some other alloy, then it depends. If it is corrosion, then you may want to consider replacing the reel seat. Might be able to give you other, more specific ideas if you could maybe some photos of the seat in question?

Steve Cole


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Thanks for your response. I have enclosed the best pics I could manage. The corrosion would probably better be described as tarnish. I do not know the type of metal. What I do no from viewing examples of this rod on line is that the seat metal components originally had a high polish. This rod has been in the tube since the early 90's in arid climates of Colorado and Arizona. Thanks for the help.



Just a guess via the photo. The reel seat looks like it may be aluminum. If it is, it might be "anodized", which is a very thin protective coating. Any abrasive would take off the anodizing. Try wiping it down with some vinegar. Otherwise, I would just put a reel on it and go fishin. Enjoy

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