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I'm ready to pass along an old rod drying cabinet given to me years ago by an old bamboo rod maker who was hanging it up and moving into a retirement home. I don't use it often enough anymore to justify keeping it. The cabinet has two interior lights, a white light hanging from the ceiling, and a red heat lamp type light near the bottom, both are operated using light switches. There are hanging racks with hooks as well. Free to the first "I want it" but you'll need to pick it up in north Bothell. I also have a BBQ rotisserie motor I've used to pull rod pieces out of a varnish dip tube if interested.


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Mark Dankel

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You couldn't let this go while I was living 35 miles away in Port Ludlow?! Nooooooo, you waited until I moved 1650 miles away to New Mexico. :( Nice get for someone.

Mark Kadoshima

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Man, I'm all over this! If you decide to donate it...no problem. Otherwise I can drive up and get it. I've got a pickup. Just have to figure out schedules...and the weather!

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