FS Sage Accel 596-4


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Up for grabs is a Sage 596-4 Accel. Please note, rod is a “demo” rod. As such, there would be no warranty support from Sage. With that said, rod is priced accordingly. Some soiling on the cork, other than that it is in excellent condition.

An absolute bargain here, $165 shipped CONUS.

Thank you!



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Don't worry about it. @TheNautiCoug is clearly a cougs fan. Give him 3 months of fishing it, and by the fourth quarter he will choke and put it back up here for cheap.

Already have my calendar set.

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So good. I graduated from the University of Oregon. I got tired of winning with the rod, that is why I got rid of it for cheap. Plus, Uncle Phil will give something different for free before my next “Gameday” outing!

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