Unknown SE WA River Caddis help, Dicosmoecus


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We came across these on the top portions of submerged rocks in the Dayton area on the Touchet this morning. This one is small at 3/4", some were up to 1 3/4" I think. Had 6? dark legs to hold on to rocks in the semi-swift water. They were everywhere. The lower sides and undersides of the rocks had the brown cone type, 1/2" with green worms, which I think are the Brachycentridae, (Grannom), but I couldn't ID these big guys. Should have taken one apart but at least I know what to imitate outside. Thx, just always curious about this stuff. Gold ribbed hares ear did fine, even though I didn't have any big enough. Some were 6 3xl long I bet.


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I like that. Thx. I skipped that 'cause my tab says identified spring lake before. But the link and book description, under closer inspection, would lead me that way. Especially the size. I swear many were more than the 1.25" long listed in the book. Maybe hatch time soon?


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Hmmm, any reason they wouldn't be Dicosmoecus, a.k.a October Caddis?
Hmm. Could be? It's not in western hatchs but I see on the net it's listed with the above reference type also. I like this part of the game. I've been crawling around a lot for 3 years and I see new stuff all the time. Either way should be available all summer, I'll just see when the adults come off I guess.

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About 50 years ago, on the Washougal I used to shuck them from their cases and use them as live bait. Worked great, if it was an area fish were in I nearly always got a bite.


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Middle of august and the fish are still feeding on them. Stomach contents, I broke the live one open.


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Getting to hatching out real soon. Look for pupal husks at the waters edge.
They are all over. the last pic in my jinxed thread shows them. I still haven't seen the adults, and stimulators don't draw much attention, only nymphs.
Opp. wrong pic, those are the stone flies, my bad.
Still waiting on the caddis.
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Hmmm, I think we're still 5-6 weeks off here before they'll start showing, and even then it's closer to 7-8 for the prime time.

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