Minnesota Bass

N. Metz

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Yesterday morning I started fishing at first light and called it quits around 8. I fished a lake near Minneapolis that is known for its bass and musky. It’s 20 minutes from my house in St. Paul and has a good view of Minnies skyline. The lake is electric motors online, which is great as there’s no yahoos with tubes or jet skis.

I managed one small largemouth fishing off shore a bit and started fishing shallow, right up against shore. The day before, the fish I caught were in 3’ or less and wanted the popper moved, but barely. It was the same sort of deal today. Usually, in my experience, there’s no mistaking when a largemouth eats a popper. However, like the day before, the takes were very subtle; hard to tell in some cases.

Two of the bigger fish I caught were in 2’ of water or less. They came off of a flat on the lake, which is adjacent to a gradual drop off that goes from 10 all the way down to 60. Black popper body with yellow rubber legs. 1F7E0AAA-4A81-406C-A85D-1C157ACB6CF6.jpeg B346E718-2FB0-4AE9-8782-4CFCEC9BE90F.jpeg 902E3F27-BE5B-4B87-BA44-F48105C9CD16.jpeg

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