Car break ins? Lenice/Nunnally?


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I have had a similar break and entry somewhat recently. In front of my house. I awoke one Sunday in March and after breakfast wondered why someone beached a truck in the mid street and in front of my house. After checking it out, I discovered they stole my truck, my work truck and way of me, making my living. After police contact and arrival I found they used my truck in a break in and destroyed the front of a building. It totaled my truck and by the discovery of the truck about 30 hours later I tallied 4 felonies involved. It cost me lost time, income and stress and also I will be working until 74 to be able to make my payments on the replacement newer truck. They destroyed my living for a period of time and I was extremely angry. Not sure I ever REALLY wanted to kill them but significant feelings of anger were there. They were definitely drug addicts as there was wanton destruction and also so much other stolen crap in my truck when found. The individuals got my vehicle as "#2" and it was early in the day. Police do what they can but it is a social shortfall in that drugs are so available and addictive. Sometimes the addiction may come about from maybe a needed surgery; don't know the solution but having a heart attack while dealing with the stress is not a choice I can make. I cannot afford that either as I am a grandfather and hope to have some time with them in the future. I just hope that there is such a thing as Karma and that they get theirs sometime in the future. Or maybe they can clean themselves up as I think there is hope for everyone if they realize they are worth saving themselves. Realization is the beginning of change. I have to believe we as a society can and are able to help others. Just difficult to step back sometimes and see anything positive when waist deep in shit.


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Seriously endanger my family's or my life and I would not hesitate to use lethal force if neccessary.
There is nothing I own, however, that I would be willing to kill another human being to protect. Things are just things that can be replaced, a human life is precious regardless of how troubled it is.
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I did / do have insurance but the impact of such an event has significant impact on a budget and vehicle costs have skyrocketed. My replacement vehicle was 40% more than the last one and insurance was fair but still a hit. Now higher insurance and payments. But I am alive, and functional in work. Still having to replace parts of the vehicle and accessories over time. Frustrating and some parts are not functional with this newer truck. Gotta let it go. Hope there is no repeat event. That would really hurt.

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