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Automation and efficiency have nothing to do with it, unlike job losses due to those things in every other industry since forever.
Mills aren't more efficient, processors don't cut faster for less cost.

It's all King County.

I'll bet King County put the beaver trappers and buffalo hunters out of business too...and the typewriter business, not to mention the livery stable.


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In all my Years in Washington I tried not to live in King County. I lived there when me and my first wife got divorced. I just had to get out of Snohomish Co for a little while. I soon moved back into Snohomish Co. I just really hated living there. To crowded for my liking. I lived there about 4 mo. That was long enough

King County stole your woman Old Man. :mad:

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I manage thousands of acres for a non profit in inland norcal. A primary part of my job is contracting to harvest timber-mostly sticks for fuels management. We hire a firm that uses those ae well as one that tows a wheeled trailer- it harvests the tree and throws it up on the trailer without touching the ground ever. No skidding etc., and one person does it all.
Oh and i can lay no claim to the CAZ with my mid atlantic, and norcal and socal upbringing/living. But my granparents were born in spokane and fishtrap and lived there until the second world war. Lots of cousins in spokane still!


Well I'm looking for 7 am Sunday morning. I'll be driving through central and eastern Washington. If I plan it right, I think I can make it all the way through without stopping and spending any money! :p
Safe travels & enjoy your trip


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I'm not suggesting that it should be opened back up. Only that the decision to stop didn't come from rural folks

Have you ever heard of Peter Goldmark?
It might be worth researching as to where he lived prior to becoming the commissioner of public lands.
Sure, it was the city folks that stole all the jobs. That damn Olympia.....

It isn’t like anyone you might refer to as a treehugger has ever lived in a rural area and fought to preserve our forests. There is no way that could ever happen, right?
Sure, they all lived in King Co, Seattle specifically for that matter.
Carry on.....


Tell me what happened to all the timber and lumber jobs. People in cities determined that logging in national forests is bad.. all those jobs ..gone. it certainly wasn't rural communities making that decision.
Steamrolled by city folk..
You can’t build computers and tech with forest products Rob.

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