Len Codella has passed

Read over at the Classic Fly Rod Forum that Len Codella has passed. I'm sure some of you, like me, have had dealings with him. A true gentleman, generous with his time and advice, he will be missed.

Condolences to Carol his wife and his loved ones,


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I missed this and just learned of this, sad. I copied this from an article...

Leonard (Len) Codella, 79, passed away on June 18, 2020. He was a beloved husband, father and brother. Len was born on August 13, 1940, in New York City, NY to Vincent and Lucille Codella. He grew up in Linden, NJ where, on January 9, 1965, he married his high school sweetheart Carol (Kessler).
Len graduated with a business degree from Wagner College located in Staten Island. In 1972, he opened his first business, The Angler's Den, which he operated until September 1975 when he joined with Thomas & Thomas Rodmakers (T&T) in Greenfield, MA. Len combined the Angler's Den with T&T and ran the day-to-day operations of the business. Len ran T&T until 1991 when he decided to sell his ownership and created a new company that he solely owned named Heritage Enterprises. Heritage Enterprises was later renamed to Sporting Collectables. In October 1995, Len and Carol moved to Florida where they could continue to run the business and spend more of their time fishing.
Len was known by all as the "One to call for anything fishing" because he loved to be on the water fishing and to help educate other fishermen to the joy of fishing. He enjoyed his trips to Alaska, British Columbia, Iceland, Norway, and Argentina. But what he loved the most, was his time with his beloved Carol, sitting on the boat casting a line. Len also had a true passion for antique cars.
Len will be forever remembered by his devoted wife Carol. A proud father to Leonard (deceased) Codella and David (Natalie) Codella. Brother to Cynthia (Ali Arencebia) Codella.

Published in Citrus County Chronicle on Jun. 23, 2020.


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