FS/T Various Fly Tying items that need a good home


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Trade for 100 of each of the following tungsten beads in black, silver, and bronze, 2.3mm/3/32
or $45 shipped.

1 large bag of olive dub
3 bags of Orvis "Eye Balz" in gold, black, & Silver, size 14, 1/4"
1 large bag of various colored yarns
1 small bag of glass "hot spot" (for czech nymphs) beads in red, orage, green, brown, gold, blue, yellow, purple, and clear
1 Unopened bag of centipede legs, speckled olive, medium size
Leech yarns in black, brown, olive and black rabbit leech yarn
Bags of leg material in yellow, white, purple, black, lime, and blue
3 bags of yarn in olive, black and light brown
5 bags of yarin in white, orange, yellow, olive, browns
3 Chenille cards in orange, olive, green
Uni-thread 50 yds, 3/0 green
Course dub bag in Brown-Olive
Swannundaze rib in brn, olive
Multicolored Chenille
Yarn in Brn, and Dk Brn,

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