Salmon Cannon is a Misdirection

Kimball Leighton

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The the 'salmon cannon' seems to be growing in popularity among fans of anadromous fish and those who are getting increasing frustrated with blocked upstream spawning passage by dams. Have a look at the history of this BS technology and why it is deployed. My comments are under the name Leighton on the vid site.

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Jake Dogfish

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While I agree we should take down most of the dams, I am a big fan of the cannon. I think it should be used where natural barriers are as well. Salmon are great for the ecosystem.

wetline dave

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I like the auger style "escalator" they are using on the Cedar river. I have no idea if it is efficient but the real bottom line is getting the smolt down river when it is time for their migration. Salmo G has covered this in previous posts. And thank-you Steve for shedding some light on this part of things.


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