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Indi "Ira" Jones
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Time to clean some stuff out! I really don’t like shopping anything, but I will if you really are willing to pay for my time and effort. I live near downtown Bothell and am willing to meet somewhere reasonably close by. All prices are open to suggestions :)

Fly boxes/plastic boxes. These are all used, I would be more than willing to throw in a bunch of scrap Irafly flies to sweeten the pot Free.

I have a homemade cement anchor and some other weights that can be used as anchors Free!

Miscellaneous rod socks, a couple of leader wallets, a leather knife holder... Free

Pretty much brand new Caddis fins 25$

Brand new dive fins, these never saw water. They retailed for twice what I’ll sell them to you here, $40.

“Iracator mini X 12. I wanted to play around with a different color and smaller size, but in the end I do t need all 25 I bought. Sold

2D71C696-BE37-4490-8D12-BB7061110C85.jpeg 53878B1D-09EF-40B7-8E16-DBD55DC83E2E.jpeg B8F06615-23C1-43B9-B801-C03448927C7A.jpeg 602DD49E-0AE1-486B-B834-77C09D0389B0.jpeg 235A4C3A-9738-479E-A25D-017F11D1A46A.jpeg D99A3C3A-D135-4A17-A0C1-0BF8EF8BE3D4.jpeg
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Like $4 or something, depending on where, but then free goes away. Not saying I’d do it for $4, just saying that is what it would likely be close to.
I understand Ira. I would like to have them if what you would ship them for is reasonable. Maybe someone there will want to pick them up. If not shipping to 26554 zip. Thank you!

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