Olympus Sells Camera Division


In the outdoor writers world, Olympus SLR 35mm cameras were highly desirable. Fairly compact and lightweight with good lens made them a favorite. I knew a lot of writers who used the Olympus SLRs as their field cameras.

I never owned one of the SLR but at one time or another, was using one of their range finder models. They were early to jump on the digital train but unfortunately, smart phones with their extremely fine lens has put a huge dent in digital camera sales.

My current DSLR camera and one I'd use if taking photos for a magazine or site is a Canon but I always had a fondness for Olympus film cameras for their ease of use and spot meter default -- which is the way to go for outdoor photography.

Sign of our times. Which is sad. I'm sure Oly won't be the last to jump out of photography biz.


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I'm a big fan of the waterproof TG series; I own a TG-4 and a TG-5. I use them for my fishing photos and they take great closeups of flowers, bugs, and other tiny creatures in "microscope" mode. And in an underwater housing, I have shots thousands of underwater pictures and video on the Great Barrier Reef, Hawaii, and Belize. They are lightweight and robust.
But I can completely understand the shrinking market as cell phone cameras become better and better. I don't know if that non-professional niche of cameras will survive.


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Interesting, I remember looking into the TG series to be the camera for all my water related activities but stuck with my Gopro instead.


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Truly a sad day when I saw the news. Have shot with Olympus since I bought my Olympus OM1 film camera in 1976.
Bought it from Hong Kong with money I earned sorting potatoes on weekends on my Grandfather's farm. $232 was a lot of money to save at small wages.
That OM1 did not survive a dunking in the rain forest fishing in 1982, but it was not the last one, or the last dunking. Have carried Olympus cameras all over the world.

One of my favorite memories of Olympus cameras was when I was on the trek to Mt Everest basecamp. I had many cameras with me. At a tea lodge far into the mountains some people were diagnosing a broken camera. It was a point and shoot, the couple were German, me, not German speaking. Easy to translate that they were pretty upset. Camera was not going to work, try as we might. I produced from my pack an Olympus Stylus point & shoot camera-very simple clamshell, but with a razor sharp little lens. Added 5-6 of rolls of great Velvia 50 film and handed it to them. It was really good to hopefully help them take some photos on the rest of their trip as they ascended the valley.
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I'm hoping this doesn't lead Panasonic to dump their MFT gear. It's such a good format for fishing pictures. A DSLR you can fit in your waders, with an awesome lens selection? Perfect for me.
Like Gyrfalcon, I've shot only Olympus since sometime in the 70s. First a compact Olympus rangefinder that used to be the standard for climbers to carry back then. Then on to an OM-1 when I started grad school and needed a high quality camera for macrophotography for fieldwork. I suspect that still has a half-shot roll of film in it somewhere in my closet. Since then I have owned a succession of 5 Olympus digital cameras, including a waterproof camera and a high-end point & shoot. They always had a great reputation for compact size, even in their SLRs, and high quality macro capability. I'm bummed to hear that they are no longer in the camera game.

Here's the first pic I ever took with a digital camera. The lab-aussie mix in my avatar. Lousy photo but a great dog! Pico first pic.jpg


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I strayed into Nikon and Canon some, a little into Contax G, but always had an Olympus camera with me and thanks to @jwg, I jumped into the Olympus m4/3 cameras recently and after some getting used to a mirrorless viewfinder, I truly see the amazing advantages of that system. A great tool.

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