FS Koffler custom wideback pram


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12'x6' beam with 48" bottom, heavy duty hand welded and finished with lots of options including: Zolatone interior, elevated diamond plate floors, 6 position oar locks, brass horns, 8' Cataract composites oars with Magnum blades. King galvanized saltwater trailer, nitrogen filled tires and spare, custom front casting brace with integrated drink holders. Twin anchor nests with 14# pyramid on a Dierks pulpit.

Dual drain plugs, custom rowers seat with lockable storage. Wired for an electric trolling motor with battery box under the rowers seat. Foot brace, custom British racing green paint scheme, Gluvit bottom. Only a handful of rides down the rivers, very clean and mostly used on stillwaters. 20" sides. Dual Koffler embroidered seats on removable swivel bases.

This boat was custom ordered and a perfect single or double boat, light and easy to tow, launch, retrieve. Tough as nails and will last a lifetime.



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