What's in your smoker?

I have a Brinkman charcoal smoker. Pretty basic,, and difficult to control temperature. I don't smoke too often because my wife is not a big fan of really anything smoked. I did some ribs for memorial day, and a filet that same weekend. But, those I just do for an hour or two to get some flavor and then finish on the BBQ.

But, my mom really wanted to smoke some white fish when she came to visit a couple weeks ago. She brought a few sablefish (black cod) filets. I brined them for 4 hours while I went golfing with my dad, and then smoked for 2 hours when we got back. This was some of the best smoked fish I have ever had!



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I stole some baby back ribs from my wife's slow-cooker, marinated it for a bit in Sweet Baby Ray's bbq sauce, hit it in the air fryer til perfection.
Ok it's not a smoker but a bit of smoke did come out from the air fryer :)
Finish with some cherries from my neighbor's yakima farm picked yesterday.
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Any of yous using a Pit Boss? I picked mine up about 6 months ago and have been reasonably happy with it. Just changed to Webber pellets I thought a quality pellet and they jammed the auger. Too big? Any thoughts? It was a big job to clean that auger.


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I'm using a weber smoky mountain 22, equipped with a pit viper fan controlled by a fireboard controller. The fireboard/viper combo is kinda cheating, it holds the temp as long as the coals are there, which sorta simulates the whole pellet thing, while allowing me to oversmoke things, which is hard to do on a pellet grill.

I had a green mountain pellet grill for a while, and for me the only time the auger jammed was when the pellets got moist. I used several brands, and didn't find much difference between brands.

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My smoker is on the fritz, so I did the low and slow in oven for the 4th.
8# boneless pork shoulder marinated in apple juice/seasonings for 12 hours, removed, patted dry and gave it the dry rub and let it sit in the fridge for 8 more hours. 225 degrees for 16 hours to 195 degrees internal. Pretty damn good for an oven cook.
Sorry no pics. 10 ravenous mouths to feed.
The aftermath was shameless!

Kudos to all of you that posted pics of your efforts! Looks great.
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