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Last Monday I headed to the upper right corner of the state to see my good friend, Ive. It had been too long and I missed his company. 374 miles later I drove up his driveway and it was like coming home. We settled in to conversation and later, steak and ales. I retired to Ive’s comfortable trailer roar a great night’s sleep.

After breakfast we headed to a high lake and the promise of catching some cutthroat trout, which we did, lots of them.



We didn’t catch really big ones but the ones we caught were full of fight. Come the Fall they will be a handful for sure. The lake was a peaceful place with one exception, a Russian gal chatting on her cell phone while spin fishing from a canoe. That gal could talk...
We had a nice shoreline lunch and headed home for a nap. Dinner at Ive’s is an education in the latest kitchen gadgets. He has a new propane fueled grill that finishes sous vide meat with perfection. We ate like kings.

The next morning we had a full breakfast of bacon and eggs from the grill and headed for another lake. We were shocked to find the road into the lake was flooded.


I was tempted to wader up and drag the Watermaster to the lake but Ive was unsure so we hit the “pond” back up the road. It seemed a good possibility as there were lots of rises on the water. Well, by the time we got in, the rises stopped and catching one was not easy. We tried lots of different tactics and over time managed a few fish.



The sunny day went away as wind and dark clouds came in from the north.


We got all our gear packed up mere minutes before the rain hit. Huge drops pelted the truck and the wind blew hard. Ive said he hoped there were no trees across the road and around the next bend we found this...


We broke out a small bow saw that Ive had and I started cutting. Moments later a truck pulled up, it was a WDFW crew and they had a chainsaw to finish the job.


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Nice report.

Scuttlebutt. Is that from the brewery in Everett? Had many a business lunch there. Good fish and chips, wonderful root beer.


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I hit the wrong button...


There was another tree down further up the road and another truck pulled up and both crews cleared that one. The storm was short lived but dumped lots if hail also.


The next day we hit another lake that proved to be a challenge in several ways.
The peaceful setting was sabotaged by dueling chainsaws in the distance that ran nonstop for hours. The fish weren’t in any hurry to play either but we stuck in and did our best.




We finally called it quits and headed home. We spent the rest of the afternoon sightseeing around the area. There’s some beautiful countryside up there. It was so good to share the time with Ive, he’s a wonderful gracious host. The time flew by and too soon it was time to head back home. 5698636B-EA76-4DC2-803C-054F8DC287D3.jpeg


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Nice report.

Scuttlebutt. Is that from the brewery in Everett? Had many a business lunch there. Good fish and chips, wonderful root beer.
Yes Kerry, it’s in Everett off Marine View Drive.

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